All of our solid colour fabrics are eco-friendly and made from regenerated nylon. Pre and post consumer plastics, abandoned fishing nets and other plastics found in our oceans are taken and recycled into our beautiful eco-friendly swimwear material. Our fabric shares the same properties as virgin nylon, without its large negative impact on the environment.

Our fabric prints are locally sourced from a family run business and/or are deadstock fabrics. The reverse side of all of our printed bikinis are made with our solid colour eco-friendly fabrics.

Awai Swim uses 100% compostable + biodegradable shipping bags - making our brand virtually plasticless.

Our shipping bags can be tossed into your home compost bin, and will completely break down within 90-120 days. If our bags somehow do end up in a landfill, they will still biodegrade within 2 years (traditional plastic mailers can take up to 400 years).

Don't have a home compost bin? Visit to find one near you!

Awai Swim is a slow fashion, made-to-order handmade swimwear brand. We do not have any stock on hand and only start making your swimwear once your order is placed.

Our made-to-order alternative eliminates the possibility of overstock and excessive waste.

Excess fabric is utilized and made into swimwear straps and our beloved scrunchies.

Fast fashion brands send up to 12.8 million tons of overstock clothing to landfills annually (30% of their garments that have not sold).